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WLP3D course

WLP3D is the flag ship cours of the water lotus technique. It is a five days course that provides the basics of the technique in a comprehansive and inspiring way. It may be the basics, yet the course is packed with lots of information and knowledge about the technique in a prctical hands on experience.
This wonderful course is the gateway to passive healing in water and the water lotus technique.


It is five days of discovery, exploration and deepening into the technique and theory that forms the skeleton of the WLP technique and working method.The course is built as layers upon layers that are revealed and open like the lotus flower even months and years after the course,In five full days we will learn to combine through movement, flow, touch, observation, exploration, breath work, emotional aspects and the working concepts of the WLP technique, the theory and application of the WLP with the wisdom and power resides in water. It is indeed a first step but, like a capsule, is opened and instills its qualities over time. In the course we learn exercises and techniques alongside work principles and work concepts that constitute an internal map for further cultivation and professionalization. The workshop is both educational and experiential. combining information and wisdom of the classic and the alternative , the old and new, it is a dance of beauty and a synergy of body, mind, emotion and enrgy healing in water.


Through a combination of water classes and land classes we will climb up the skeleton of the technique to new skills and groups of techniques and from there into patterns and advanced work concepts.
we will start  each day with a gentle practice, then we will learn principles on land and enter the water to learn and practice in a free and guided sessions


the course essence

This wonderful course is the gateway to water and the water lotus technique.
Five days of discovery, exploration and deepening into the technique and theory that forms the skeleton of the method.
Participants in previous courses say that they use the WLP technique on a regular basis in the treatments 

露天風呂  water lotus pillow כרית לוטוס המים 野天風呂

wlp technique

The water lotus is a technique that combines movement, touch and body work and is a rich substrate for a multitude of touch and movement methods when they are performed in a couple in the water. The technique is a language that connects manual treatment techniques (massage, stretching, passive movement, breathing techniques, etc.) with the healing powers and qualities found in water. In a significant part of the work we use special pillows that provide buoyancy and support to the head and produce comfort and a sense of security, the freedom of movement that the body can and wants to express in the encounter with the water takes on new expressions and dimensions. The water lotus technique is a wonderful way to acquire tools that allow us to apply a rich variety of different massage and movement techniques in the water, using the many properties of the hot water that produce excellent initial conditions for any contact treatment and many movement options.
While the head is comfortably supported and the partner is flooded with water, we as the care givers have the perfect work surface to create a treatment or an experiential encounter. We use the warm water to create flowing movement, stretching and massage using different techniques. The water lotus technique is a rich language based on a combination of body work methods such as qi gong, yoga, Thai massage, various water techniques which are woven together as a platform on which techniques and skills can be cast and therefore suitable for therapists who engage in various treatment and touch techniques. Creativity has a lot of room in the water lotus technique which is an excellent platform for exploring movement and healing.

כרית לוטוס המים water lotus pillow and palm watsu water dance healing dance aguahara yoga
כרית לוטוס המים water lotus pillow and palm watsu water dance healing dance aguahara yoga

courses are taking place in many possible water pools. they could be in private hotel spa pools, in warm shores or in a public baths. every place has its magic and unique experience.


joining the WLP course 

join the wonderful WLP course today or collect your own group for a tailormade program.


WLP3D course 

23. may. 23



WLP3D course 

12. june. 23



WLP3D course 
7. july. 23




WLP3D course 
8. Aug . 23



WLP3D course 
28. Aug . 23



WLP3D course 

12. sept. 23



WLP3D course for spa centers 
we provide a course by demand for spa centers' rehabilitation crnters, hotels and resorts, you are most welcome to arrange the course for yous spa team or for your guests. 
 please contact with me for more details..

a day in the course 

morning walk and meditation

land session

water session

resting time

practicing and exploring on land and in the water

summing and dining

water lotus pillow and palm 2005 WLP טכניקת לוטוס המים עופר רוזנטל ofer rosenthal

Equipment, water, space

The water is as important as the course and the wonderful technique we come to learn and practice and even more. The quality of the water is of utmost importance in the whole picture called healing. that is why we mostly preffer that the courses are held in places with the best water that can be found, whether it is living water, healing or medicinal water or treated water of excellent quality.

The lotus pillows and the additional water learning accessories are products with a unique patent design, which were specially developed to provide comfortable support when floating in water, and allow a variety of great options for movement, flow and massage techniques. 
The important thing that can be said about the water lotus pillow and the additional accessories is that they allow a feeling of security and comfort when we are lying floating on the surface of the water and allow freedom and many possibilities of movement including work and movement in side positions.
The accessories were produced with care, thought, professionalism and creativity with a lot of thought and are quality and inspiring products.

Our choice of the places where the courses are held stems from a deep desire for a sense of pleasure and freedom, regardless of which places are simpler or more luxurious, we give importance to a few main things: pleasure and a sense of fun and vacation, a place that allows learning and practice in an containing and encouraging atmosphere, a place that has some kind of inspiration, close accommodation, close to the water source and many hours of water time, grass and trees and of course good and satisfying food and good sleeping quallity.

כרית לוטוס המים water lotus pillow and palm watsu water dance healing dance aguahara yoga

The magic of the lotus

One magical moment becomes a memory for a lifetime

These are true words.
In this magical moment of complete relaxation and a sense of peace, waves of energy fill our breath which opens the heart, brings feelings of love and joy to the soul, magical memories are created here. A watery experience has this power.

When you come to enjoy the quality of the water and experience the movement of contact and healing in the hot water, you will be able to experience the dissolution immersed in the magical silence, flow and peace in a new and unusual way.

We discovered in thousands of hours in the water that combining the WLP technique with health activities has a simple, magical effect.

To meet the water as an unknown acquaintance who is your safe companion to experience the magical and powerful feeling of floating, dissolving, flowing as you cross your boundaries and meet the universe.

IMG_0906 (2).JPG

The magic of the lotus comes from the synergy of the water and the special working style of the technique designed to melt the bodymind and merge with the water.
Breathing remains continuous when the head is supported above the water and allows the body to be cleansed from the inside out and from the outside in

"one amazing trip"
it's not every day you get to take part in such kind of workshop, for me it was a life changing experience


" a unique encounter with the water "
i definitly look at the water differently, feel it diferently and my whole working attittude has changed since i join my first WLP3D course

WLP water lotus pillow and palm.png

"Excellent course!!!"
Very rich and very professional and contains a lot of information (perhaps too much sometimes) there is a lot of time to practice and enjoy, I definitely intend to take this course again

"I use these techniques all the time"
its been 7 years since i took the WLP course and as a water therapist i find that i use mostly the techniques i learn on the  course ' it is simple but very useful and very refined

"Thank you very much for the privilege"
The course enriched my work as a water therapist in the best possible way and gave me tools and insights that accompany me and evolve within me all the time ever since

סדנאת פתיחת הלב אצל אורלי_edited_edited.png

"Not the first time and surlly not the last"
A wonderful and enriching course not to be missed once, a very enjoyable course and good and enjoyable company, Hadar and the assistants make the experience magical and detached from time.

Water carries a great understanding of the life, the universe, the middle way, the golden path. Without having their own character, everyone knows them, need and are depended on them. we can learn from them the  the finest.
We thank the water for the life full of abundance and healing that it can give us and for the nourishment and containment and comfort and for the peace and wisdom, for those who just wish to observe.

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