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Where and When?

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Where and When ?
We would love to meet you during the monthes of october november and december on one of Budapest's charming thermal baths with their high quality water and great vibes.
After that we will meet again on our advanced programs in the spring starting on March 2024.
So grab your towel and flipflops and join in !
waiting to see you.
Emese & Hadar

Dates : to be announced soon   Tuition fee : 20 EU ( including entrance fee and 4h workshop*)


Meeting and Exploring


During the meeting, we will provide useful and practical information in a joyful way, and many creative ideas that everyone can incorporate into their own working practices and tools and use for personal development.


Budapest 2023/24

We welcome you to join our educational experiance traning and socializing water and wellness program for professionals.

Here is a taste of the activities.

The activities are going to take place in Budapest, during outumn and winter 2023 .

Meet in the water! Meet tougether!

Please let us know if you would like to join us

Thank you !

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