The water lotus technique (WLP)  came to the world on 2005 . the technique combines movement, touch and aquatic body work and has a well connected theory to support its work.

It is a rich platform for a variety of touch and movement techniques when they are carried out within the water. It is well structured and ment to bring an understanding of higher terms and images such as reflection in a simple and practical way.

The name WLP (Water Lotus Pillow & Palm) describes the technique's three main aspects: 
Water: this term implies of the understanding of all qualities of water element on all layers. 
Lotus: which implies of the practice and applications that are supported and based on the use and understanding of higher concepts and images. 

Pillow or palm: which is related to all sorts of supports (and reference point), phisically, mentally and emotionaly which allows and provides a larger platform that can support and allow the expression of freedom and wholeness.

The WLP technique is an advanced and most profound technique that creates a magical bridge between land water body techniques.

on its caltivated aspects are the physical, mental, emotional, energetic bodies.

WLP has started its path in 2006, the lotus technique can be applied in various water facilities from pools to small hot tubs and in depths ranging from 30 to 120 cm and on land.

Classes and courses

classes and workshops for everyone are available, so does professional courses for therapists, rehabilitation centers and spas adapted to the water facilities and the participants skills.

classes and workshops take place in aquatic centers and out in nature in an adapted places that would allow pleasant warm water with land facilities.
beginners level is the
 basic introduction workshops, lasting about 3-4 houres and the 

3 days WLP course  which is the gate for advanced practices and
longer classes and courses.
it is also well recomended to have an experience of Water Lotus Pillow session in advance.

join our organic WLP courses  from 2006

WLP ​Lotus Roots
WLP Lotus trun, stems & leaves
WLP Lotus Flower
WLP Lotus fruit
WLP Lotus Seeds

or check our advanced WLP workshops  from 2006

WLP Wholebody power  WLP BodyBalancing I, II, III  WLP Finding symetries  WLP AquaAsana  WLP Advanced massage techniques

WLP T nuddle techniques  WLP Flowting ( floating into flowing)  WLP five elements theory and applications  WLP five organs theory

WLP rehabilitation aspects and lots more..

here is where everything is happening

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water lotus pillow and palm.

june 2005.


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