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Water Lotus pillow & Palm Technique and aquatic concept

The water lotus technique (WLP)  came to the world on 2005 .

the technique combines movement, touch and aquatic body work and has a well connected theory to support its work.

It is a rich platform for a variety of touch and movement techniques when they are carried out within the water. It is well structured and ment to bring an understanding of higher terms and images such as reflection in a simple and practical way.

Our courses

Three days courses are offered. these courses are well structured and open a window to the magic of aquatic healing.

In the courses we learm and practice land and aquatic techniques supported and integrated with anatomical and physiological theory.


Our courses and events start again in

spring 2023.

you are most welcome to connect with me at anytime through Email or phone to join one of our workshops and meetings.

courses take place globaly.

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