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The water lotus pillow

the water lotus pillow is a unique patent design pillow that was specially developed in order to give comfortable support while floating in water. as a product, the water lotus pillow is a made with a lot of thought and care. the pillow is made from quality materials and meant to last long.
The Water lotus pillow can be sold in combination with personal training, this training is very recommanded and offers basic tools that allow enjoyable use of the pillow with our family, friends and couples, or as therapists, with our patients . 
the water lotus pillow allows a feeling of safty and space and a great variety of possibilities for movement, flow and for massage and bodywork techniques.
The pillow functions as a support for the head in the water and allows relaxation and free movement of the body in the water.
therapists report that the pillow allows them a new way of developing their skills and a refreshing tool to combine in their treatments.

Water Lotus Pillow student sale

€300.00 Regular Price
€200.00Sale Price
  • information about your product such as sizing, material, care and cleaning instructions.

    1. weight: 600-700 gr
    2. maintenance : wash in cool water up to 40 degree celsius
    3. rinsing with pure water and hang to dry (net fabric area facing the floor)
    4. when not in use, keep in a shady cool place 
    5. materials : lycra fabric  filling: polystyrene balls
  • Return and Refund policy

    1. within 14 days from purchase
    2. the product is closed in it's original package  and no use was made with it .
    3. shipping costs and taxes are not refundable .
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